Winning vs. Losing Craigslist Ads

April 19, 2012

Tweet Guest post written by Ashley Halligan, an analyst at a Web-based software advisory firm.  Craigslist isn’t a new tool, nor has it changed much since its initial launch. But, it’s become a very attractive marketing tool for many, particularly rental property owners, and leasing agents. That being said, it’s a shame how few people […]

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3 Real Life Reasons I Love Rent to Own

October 26, 2011

Tweet Recently I’ve been talking more about rent to own since I am pretty well sold on this being the best investment strategy for me at the moment. To demonstrate why I am such a fan of rent to own investing, I want to share 3 real life reasons based on my experience over the […]

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The Win-Win Nature of Rent to Own

September 22, 2011

Tweet Win-win sounds so cliché these days, but in my mind there is no better way to describe rent to own. The simple truth is that when properly designed and executed, rent to own programs present a winning scenario for both the tenant-buyer and the investor. Of course, rent to own won’t work as an […]

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Scuba Diving Principles for Real Estate Investors – Part 2

August 22, 2011

Tweet In my first post I discussed the parallel between the most important rule in scuba diving and real estate. The most important rule is to breathe continuously and never stop breathing. In real estate, cash flow is like oxygen – it is what keeps us going. In this article I will explore another parallel […]

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Scuba Diving Principles for Real Estate Investors

August 8, 2011

Tweet This weekend I started my SCUBA training and as an investor couldn’t help but draw a few parallels between the principles of SCUBA and those of real estate investing. Believe it or not, diving and real estate have plenty in common. In fact, the most important rule in scuba diving is very similar to […]

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Getting Clear on Property Management

July 25, 2011

Tweet One of the first tasks landlords choose to outsource is property management. This is really the nitty gritty of being a landlord and if you don’t enjoy dealing with tenants or the day to day operation of your property, you might quickly look for some help from a property manager. Often times investors will […]

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4 Steps to Choose Your Investment Strategy

July 18, 2011

Tweet When starting out as a real estate investor, just selecting the “right” strategy can seem like a daunting process.Where do you invest? What type of property should you buy? Which strategy is right for you? For many new investors it is tough to know where to start. In this article we’ll go over 4 […]

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The 2 Types of Rent to Own

July 11, 2011

Tweet Call it rent to own, lease to own, lease options, or whatever you like. The strategy has been gaining popularity thanks to the numerous benefits of rent to own for each party in the transaction. There are two fundamental approaches to putting these deals together; the tenant first approach or the property first approach. […]

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Separate Your Real Estate Income

July 4, 2011

Tweet When we first start out as investors we just worry about getting our first deal done. Then we start to worry about getting our next deal done and often forget to consider the tax consequences. If you do different types of deals, you may want to separate your real estate income to net more […]

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How to Buy a Little Freedom

June 27, 2011

Tweet If you ask people why they invest in real estate, one of the top answers you’ll get is freedom. Contrary to this driving force of wanting more freedom, many investors self-manage and end up instead limiting their own freedom. In my article Building Your Real Estate Investment Team – Part 7: Selecting a Property […]

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