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The Win-Win Nature of Rent to Own

by Andrew C. MacDonald on September 22, 2011

RedskinsWin-win sounds so cliché these days, but in my mind there is no better way to describe rent to own.

The simple truth is that when properly designed and executed, rent to own programs present a winning scenario for both the tenant-buyer and the investor. Of course, rent to own won’t work as an ideal solution in every situation, but with the right tenant-buyer everyone wins. This article explores the win-win nature of the rent to own strategy.

Continue readingThe Win-Win Nature of Rent to Own on my blog at BiggerPockets to learn about 3 common situations where rent to own can be an ideal solution. You’ll also find out how the investor benefits in the transaction while helping others achieve the dream of home ownership.

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Issue #1 – “How Everybody Wins in a Rent to Own Program”

In this issue we explore the win-win nature of rent to own programs by covering:

  • 3 common barriers to home ownership
  • The solution to each problem
  • Why rent to own can provide the solution
  • How investors benefit to make rent to own a win-win solution for all parties involved

You might be facing one of these common situations and will discover how our program could help you get started on the journey to home ownership today.

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