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Getting Clear on Property Management

by Andrew C. MacDonald on July 25, 2011

Reading GlassesOne of the first tasks landlords choose to outsource is property management. This is really the nitty gritty of being a landlord and if you don’t enjoy dealing with tenants or the day to day operation of your property, you might quickly look for some help from a property manager.

Often times investors will just hire someone based on the fees without much discussion on what is included or what the expectations are. To have a good working relationship with your property manager, it is important to be clear on the expectations on both sides of the table.

Continue readingGetting Clear on Property Management Expectations on my blog at BiggerPockets to learn more about expectations with respect to pricing, services and investor involvement that will help you ensure a harmonious relationship with your property manager.

For more details on selecting a property manager see Building Your Real Estate Investment Team – Part 7: Selecting a Property Manager. Be sure your manager has experience working with investors and look for referrals from other investors as the easiest way to locate the best managers.

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