FS: 2003 Pontiac Sunfire 4dr – SAFETY and E-TESTED – reliable, new front brakes, A/C, & separate winter wheels – PRICED to SELL! – $2500 OBO

Looking for a reliable used car from an honest seller? You won’t find a certified and e-tested 2003 Sunfire any cheaper than this in the GTA, AND I’ll tell you upfront in this ad everything that is wrong with the car.

I don’t have time to waste and promise not to waste yours either. If that sounds fair, keep reading.

Here are the basics:

  • 2003 Pontiac Sunfire 4 Door Sedan in Silver
  • 5 speed manual with 212,000km
  • Safety and e-tested with new front brakes (pads and rotors)
  • Working A/C

If you are an analytical guy like me and want to know all the details before making a decision, here is everything you’d want to know:

The Good The Bad
  • Comes with separate winter and summer wheels (both with good tread left, 2 seasons on each)
  • Family owned since new (My parents drove this from 0 to 170,000km, and I have put another 42,000km on it since transferred to my name in April 2010)
  • The car has been well serviced and has received regular oil changes every 5,000km since new
  • The engine runs strong, starts easily, catches idle perfectly, and the 5spd manual transmission is in great shape
  • The car has never been involved in a collision
  • My wife and I have replaced the battery and fuel pump over the past 2 years and have had no other problems with the car
  • The A/C was re-charged in July 2010 and still blows ice cold
  • Car is very clean inside and comes with new winter floor mats
  • The car has a trailer hitch and wiring installed which was used to tow my wife’s small Laser sailboat
  • The car has been reliable for my wife and I, but we have a new car now and only 1 parking space in our downtown condo
  • I am starting a new job next week and don’t want to worry about where to park a second car so this is priced for a quick sale
  • This car was safety and e-tested this week and is ready for you to drive home TODAY!
  • The car got new front brakes (rotors and pads) as part of the safety
  • The car has 212,000km
  • The car is a base model – it is 5spd manual with no power options, but this also means there is less to go wrong!
  • Some minor rust was starting to form around the fuel door, rear ¼ panels and has been sanded, primered, and painted over to prevent further corrosion
  • Same treatment was applied to the inside of the bottom of the doors to treat minor rust
  • My wife scraped the bumpers on the pillar in our parking space at low speed while parking the car in our underground parking lot and this has been touched up (pics available)
  • Clock / radio bulb is burned out so you can’t see the time or which station/track the radio/CD player is on (but you own a wristwatch or cell phone anyways right?)

This is your opportunity to buy privately from an honest seller with no pressure and save on taxes since like me, you already pay enough!

If you want a good reliable car at a great price, contact me to setup a time to come take a look, go for a test drive, and bring this to MTO where you’ll get new plates and transfer the ownership into your name.

***Serious buyers only, don’t waste my time and I promise not to waste yours!***

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