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Stay Afloat With Cash Flow

by Andrew C. MacDonald on May 2, 2011

IMG_0294I am currently studying to get my scuba diving ceritifcation through PADI and as part of that process have learned more about the physics of buoyancy. Divers use a BCD (buoyancy control device) to control their depth when diving. The cylinders that scuba divers wear on their back supply oxygen to the diver for breathing, but also to the BCD which adjusts buoyancy to help the diver control their distance from the surface.

In real estate investing, positive cash flow is what allows us to breathe, but is also what provides us with buoyancy and allows us to stay afloat when times are tough.

Continue readingStay Afloat With Cash Flow on my blog at BiggerPockets to see what real estate investors have in common with divers and how cash flow provides the buoyancy needed to stay afloat during the economic storms that will inevitably occur over time.

Creative Commons License photo credit: star5112

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