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How to Create Your Own Luck

by Andrew C. MacDonald on March 17, 2011

Lucky LeprechaunWith Saint Patrick’s Day upon us, many of us turn Irish for a day to celebrate, but how often do we wish we had the Luck of the Irish in our lives? The good news is regardless of your ancestry, you have more influence over your luck than most of us would think. Good fortune is not found in a box of Lucky Charms, and anyone can begin where they are to create their own luck, even you.

Believe You Are Lucky

The first step in creating your own luck is to believe you are lucky. Telling yourself how tough of a hand you’ve been dealt in life will do nothing to improve your luck, so don’t bother. Instead, start to believe you are lucky.

If you need some help with this, grab a pen and a sheet of paper. Take just 5 minutes to write out all of the things you are thankful for. Even if you don’t have exactly what you want in life, you are likely a whole lot better off than most people in the world if you even have the means to read this post. If you don’t have a killer beach body, perhaps you can rejoice in the fact that you’re healthy and able bodied. If you don’t have the car you want, take a second to be thankful for your crappy car, bus pass, bike, or two working feet that get you around. If your home is not as luxurious as you desire, you can still appreciate the fact that you’ve got a roof over your head, heat, and running water. This may sound silly, but if you’re reading this post you must own a computer meaning you’ve got plenty of luck already.

Take a minute to be thankful for all the luck you already have, and we’ll begin building on that next. When you exercise gratitude, you can’t help but believe you are lucky.

Position Yourself To Be Lucky

When the average Joe looks at someone who has been investing in real estate for 25 years, they may look at that person’s lifestyle and think “wow, they are so lucky”. If we look at the real estate investor’s decisions over the past 25 years, we will notice some distinct differences between the investor and the average Joe. Compared to the average Joe, the real estate investor has likely spend less, saved more, and invested that money into income producing assets. In most cases, real estate investors do not become successful due to luck because real estate investing is not a game of chance. Instead, most investors position themselves to be lucky by getting educated and taking action. Over time their actions position them in such a way that they can’t help but appear to be  lucky with their finances.

In order to create your own luck, you must put yourself in the way of luck. To be lucky, you must create the right conditions to “get lucky”. If you want to win the lottery, you need to first buy a lottery ticket. If you’re looking to find your soulmate, you need position yourself to be lucky with that by going on that date. If you want to uncover your six pack abs, you may need to put down the beer (unless it’s green beer on March 17th).

Believe you are lucky, position yourself in the way of luck, and you will uncover good fortune in the years ahead. Thanks for reading, and Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Creative Commons License photo credit: Nick.Fisher

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