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New Gig for Me, New Report for You

by Andrew C. MacDonald on February 16, 2011

Writing with CoffeeWhat do coffee, a notepad, and a pair of reading glasses have to do with my new gig or report? Well both were the result of coffee and writing, and I might need reading glasses one day since this new gig will mean more time at the computer every week.

In this week’s post I’ll give you the details on the changes here at my blog.

My New Gig

When I sat down to lay out my goals for 2011, one of the things I wanted to do was grow my blog. I appreciate all the positive feedback I received in 2010 and decided to spend some more time on this blog in 2011. My goals included some specifics on traffic and subscriber metrics for the site, but in general I am looking to share my writing with a wider audience.

In January 2011, Joshua Dorkin presented me with a great opportunity when he invited me to blog for Bigger Pockets. For those of you not familiar with Bigger Pockets, it is one of the largest real estate blogs in the United States, and has many Canadian readers as well. This opportunity aligns with my blogging goals, and I see it as a great way to create more value through my writing.

This past Monday, I published my first post at the Bigger Pockets blog on “The Why & How of Happy Investment Partners“. For a list of all my BP posts, check out my Bigger Pockets Author Page.

New Posting Schedule

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I usually post here on Wednesdays. Since I’ll be writing for Bigger Pockets every Monday, I’ll be bumping my weekly posts back to Thursdays.

Email Updates

For those of you who receive email updates, those will also go out on Thursdays, and will include a link to my Bigger Pockets article for the week.

My New Report

Also aligned with my goal of growing my blog in 2011, I’ve created a new report. As you’ll see on the sidebar, there is now a “bribe to subscribe”.

Sign up to try my weekly email updates and you’ll get a free copy of my new report. If you don’t like these updates by email, you can always unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of each email (and you won’t hurt my feelings).

Subscribe now

Real Estate Investing in Canada’s Tech Triangle

Subscribe to email updates today and you’ll also get access to my free report. Get free updates from my blog, PLUS learn why real estate is such a powerful investment, and why KWC is ranked as Ontario’s #1 Invesment Town over the next 5 years!

If you’re an existing subscriber, just check your email for a link to download your free report.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my writing over the past couple years. I appreciate all of the Likes, Re-Tweets, Diggs, Stumbles and Comments I get from my readers, and look forward to delivering more helpful content in 2011 and beyond.

Creative Commons License photo credit: TheGiantVermin

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