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Attracting Quality Tenants with Magnetic Real Estate Photography

by Andrew C. MacDonald on February 5, 2010

The following is a guest post by Carla Johnson, a fellow REIN (Real Estate Investment Network) member. Carla put together a few real estate photography tips for the readers of The Rentables Apartment Blog.

magnetic-real-estate-photographyToday we’ve got a treat for you. Carla Johnson, author of Magnetic Real Estate Photography has put together the following guest post for our readers. Carla is a real estate photography expert and an active investor who owns properties for rent in Kitchener and the surrounding area. Today she shares some helpful tips on taking the type of photos that will act as a magnet to attract the right tenants.

If you have ever looked online for a property, you’ve seen what I’ve seen – the dark rooms, the funny corners, the glaring windows, the messy tables, the weird angles and the mirrors with camera flashes in them – and all you want to do is look away! (For some of these samples, see Carla’s Blog)

Too many real estate professionals are unaware that the “Sell” now takes place online. This is a huge shift. Ever since selling or renting real estate began, the goal was to get people to visit the property. That was where the “Sell” used to take place. Not so anymore.

Consider eBay. People spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on products they can’t even touch. Sellers on eBay post lots of information, and numerous photos of their products displaying all sides of the items and zoomed in detail shots. Thorough information makes buyers feel comfortable enough to pay up front then wait for the item to arrive in the mail.

The “Sell” takes place ONLINE! Any landlord who gets this is right on the edge – but too many are not. If the property is properly featured with lots of effective photos and a truly helpful listing, a big part of the job is done.

Start with a catchy headline that lets the prospective tenant know there is something special in your place for them. Then write a helpful description of the place in a talking voice, but keep it short and to the point. I am finding that a lot of people only look at the headline, and the pictures.

Put some thought into your photos. When you look at a good photo, your eyes linger and stick to it – like a magnet. When you look at a bad photo, you have to look away. Great photos draw viewers and business. It’s magnetic!

Carla’s tips for taking “magnetic” photos
When you head out to take shots of your property you want to show the following:

  • the path to the front door
  • the whole layout of each room
  • more floor than ceiling
  • all rooms level and in focus
  • good colour
  • everything tidy
  • how one room leads into another
  • toilet seats down
  • shower curtains open

A listing or ad with only a few images will tell the viewer – intentionally or not – that something is hiding. People expect to see everything online these days before they even view the place. If the photos in the ad make a renter comfortable, they will arrive at the visit comfortable and feeling at home – ready to move in. That is the kind of attitude you want from tenants when showing a unit isn’t it?

Thank you to the team at The Rentables for the invitation to guest post today. I wish each of you and your readers the best in all your endeavours. If you or your readers have any questions, please feel free to contact me: carla@magneticphotography.com.

May you always give your best to attract the best of everything in your life. It’s magnetic!

Carla Johnson
Author of “Magnetic Real Estate Photography

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